Meet the heart and soul of BoostChess – our dedicated team of chess masters. With a wealth of experience, a passion for teaching, and a commitment to nurturing young talent, our coaches are here to inspire and guide your child’s chess journey. Discover the expertise and individuality that make our team exceptional.

IM Emmanuel Jimenez G

IM Emmanuel Jimenez G

Coach and International Master
As a coach at BoostChess, I take immense joy in sharing my extensive chess knowledge with students of various ages and backgrounds. I specialize in group lessons, creating an interactive and engaging environment for learners. My approach is all about making chess accessible and enjoyable for everyone. I'm dedicated to customizing lessons to suit the unique needs of each student, ensuring they embark on a rewarding journey of skill development.
CM Emanuel Vaglio M

CM Emanuel Vaglio M

Coach and Candidate Master
Being a coach at BoostChess, I'm committed to providing exceptional group lessons that cater to chess enthusiasts of all levels. I believe in creating an inclusive and supportive learning space. My teaching philosophy centers around customization, tailoring lessons to match individual requirements. Through group sessions, I aim to make chess an enriching experience for every student. Join me in this exciting journey of enhancing your chess skills in a fun and engaging setting.
Certified Coaches

At BoostChess, our coaches bring a wealth of experience to the table. Our team is composed of seasoned chess professionals who have a deep understanding of the game. They have guided numerous students, from beginners to advanced players, helping them develop their chess skills and reach their full potential. Our experienced coaches are dedicated to providing the best learning experience for your child.

We take pride in the qualifications of our instructors. All our coaches are certified chess instructors who have undergone rigorous training and testing. Their certifications and fide titles demonstrate their commitment to excellence in teaching chess. Your child will be in the capable hands of instructors who not only love the game but also have the expertise to nurture young chess talents.

We understand the importance of flexibility in today's busy world. That's why BoostChess offers flexible scheduling options. Whether your child is a morning enthusiast or a night owl, our academy can accommodate their learning preferences. Our coaches work around your child's schedule to ensure that they receive the chess education they deserve at a time that suits them best. We're here to make chess learning convenient and accessible for your family.

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