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Welcome to BoostChess, where we see chess as a journey of personal growth and strategic thinking.

Founded by enthusiastic chess lovers: International Master Emmanuel Jimenez and Candidate Master Emanuel Vaglio, our online academy offers tailored group and one-on-one lessons for all skill levels. From fundamentals to advanced strategies, we empower students to excel in chess and in life.

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Our Methodology

The Integrated Approach to Chess

At BoostChess we embrace “The Integrated Approach to Chess” a comprehensive method designed to nurture well-rounded players while fostering individual growth. Through a blend of tactical prowess, strategic analysis, and personalized focus, we empower chess enthusiasts to excel both on and off the board. We split our lessons in the following three sections:

Improving Tactical Vision & Calculation

Sharpen your tactical skills and hone your calculation abilities through focused training modules. Our approach ensures that you can swiftly recognize patterns and execute winning moves with confidence.

Openings, Endgames & Positional Chess

Tailoring our teachings to your unique level, strengths and weaknesses, we delve into openings, endgames, or positional strategies. This personalized approach ensures you build a solid foundation in the aspects of chess that resonate with you.

Playing & Analyzing Your Games

Engage in active gameplay and learn to assess your own moves critically. Our emphasis on playing and analyzing games enables you to identify your strengths and areas for improvement, creating a continuous cycle of growth.

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