Frequently Asked Questions

Currently we are working only with online lessons.

Lessons are done over zoom or google meet depending on the coach. The coach shares their screen to show the student the subject for that specific day. 

Also, the coaches can help the students with all the features they will see in the website to practice or do the correspondent homework.

Groups are between 2-6 students. This is because in our experience bigger groups could be difficult to manage for the coach and also, the students tend to distract with many peers.

When we create groups, we take in consideration rating and age. That’s why we offer a first trial lesson to evaluate the student level and send the student to the group that best fits them.

You can check the prices here. We are currently working with PayPal but we are going to add more payment methods soon. 

No, while the ideal timing for signing up is at the beginning of the month, if you choose to sign up on a different date, we offer a corresponding discount.

No prior chess experience is necessary. BoostChess welcomes kids with varying levels of familiarity with the game, from absolute beginners to those with some knowledge. Our curriculum starts from the basics and progresses gradually.

BoostChess covers a wide array of topics, ranging from the fundamental movements of chess pieces to advanced strategies, tactics, opening theory, and endgame techniques. We provide a well-rounded education to empower students on their chess journey.

Yes, BoostChess offers a comprehensive progress tracking system. Students can monitor their improvement through various metrics, and parents can also track their child’s progress through our platform. This helps us tailor our teaching to each student’s needs.

To access BoostChess, all your child needs is a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a stable internet connection. Our web-based platform ensures a seamless and convenient learning experience.

Yes, we provide a refund if you decide not to continue after the first lesson. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we want to ensure you have a positive experience with our service.

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